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Davies carriage's

We are an independent family run business established for over 10 years, specialising in eco-friendly vintage wedding car hire.

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A Little Bit About Us...

Our fleet of Morris Cowley's and 1930s Model A are truly immaculate and make you arrive in style. Uniform chauffeurs of Davies carriage's will take care of you and make sure your journey is enjoyable as it can be. Our small and smart fleet of three replica carriages are available for your special wedding day. Davies carriages are able to cover the whole of west midlands carrying our service from Shropshire. Our chauffer's and our stylish carriages will make you feel like royalty. Our fleet are truly something not out of todays world and we feel that the cars we deliver each day on a wedding that they are the most cleanest and the most maintent in the whole of west midlands and we also believe that our fleet is the most expensive. you can be certain that any of the fleet you pick will be eye catching and make you feel royal. The most important is that you feel certain that the cars are fully maintained with checks and mot your special day will be in safe hands with Davies carriages.Experience a day of pure Royalty.

The Royal begins with Davies Carriages.Chelsea Classic Carriage Company - Eco-Friendly Wedding Car Hire Telford

There are many ways that Davies carriages are Royal because of our luxury leather PVC interior modified for comfort with up to date modern electric or wind up windows. The fleet also contain two soft top cars for you to get ready with your royalist wave with your stunning suits and fairy tail dresses. The soft top roof is modified for your hair to not get messy in the wind because our engineers who craftily hand built this fleet using designing work. Our cars are also rattle free and have modern suspension to make your ride as royal as it can be. The fleet is also designed to be eye catching caused by the beautiful colours of black and cream. Not to forget a royalist Horn.

The family we are.

The Davies Carriages are happy to say they are a happy small family ran business and have been successful with Davies Carriages big brother. The brother is 2xllimos serving luxury transportation running for 15 years. Also a small part of the family own a small county ice cream bike of Shropshire called Dan and Wills having many years doing this the family of these companies are hands on and are ready for what ever comes long side them. They have visit a service to thousands of weddings and events and are confident to take anyone as there custom. Have a browse on our site, email us, message us, Facebook us or call us as the family are ready to respond as fast as they can. We hire chauffeur's which we interview and check for history to get you the most reliable and safe chauffeur's. We also make sure they are as smart as can be before each and every job they do.


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