Eco Friendly Vintage Wedding Car Hire - Chelsea Classic Carriage Company Ltd

Our classic Cowley original London cab designed car is the ultimate in recycling after service as a integral part of London's transport it has been restored and re-born as the Lillian Rose wedding car with no compromise on style with its new body work a wedding car with a big history and only a small carbon print.

So if you are looking for a green wedding car with a low carbon footprint then look no further than our Lillian Rose or Margaret Rose vintage wedding cars...both run on LPG bio-fuels.

Traveling in one of our elegant wedding cars produces a carbon footprint some 60 to 80 percent smaller than traveling in a modern day hybrid car, so surely a reborn Cowley from a London cab is more Eco-friendly?

Oh yes London cab derived Lillian Florence is more Eco-friendly than the hybrids to the extent where the hybrid looks like a cold fired steam engine, information sourced shows that our Lillian Florence and Margaret Rose cars are up to five times more eco- friendly than the hybrid predecessors when the cab was designed in the 1950s the Eco-friendly vehicle wasn't on anybody's mind as its main role was to be reliable and durable to carry people for many hundreds of miles over many years this is whats lead it to be an Eco-legend.

Wherever you are in the country you can hire one of our unique Eco-friendly wedding cars.

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Eco Friendly Vintage Wedding Car Hire - Chelsea Classic Carriage Company Ltd

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